Do you love coffee? Are you a coffee addict? If you have answered on the affirmative to any of those, you are going to love everything about guarana, the caffeine-packed tiny red berries native to Brazil and a recent global craze for its celebrated health benefits. This article about the guarana fruits is sure to get you hooked on to guarana drinks (tea, coffee or smoothies) or any other guarana item, if you haven’t tried it yet.

The little guarana fruit has a bitter taste because it is high in caffeine (about 2%-5%); but it looks quite delicate with the bean-sized black seed tucked into its white aril and nestled within a bright red or brown outer skin. Named after the Guarani tribes of the Amazon, this guarana fruit has medicinal value and is also a powerhouse of energy as it contains theobromine, theophylline, xanthan and tannin (much like in coffee beans, although in higher concentrations). The guarana benefits are sure to excite you, although some studies indicate hazardous side-effects of guarana consumption. The good news is that the adverse effects are tied to its dosage (<300mg daily). So if you aren’t overdoing it, you are good to drink guarana everyday. And here’s how it helps:

Weight Loss

One of the most popular guarana benefits is that it helps to shed those extra pounds around you. The contents of the guarana fruit stimulates the body to be more physically active, thus enabling faster glucose and fat loss. Caffeine is known for being an appetite-suppressant and so, guarana weight loss is significantly more effective with more caffeine in it.

More Energy

The guarana fruit is a natural stimulant. Hence, your energy levels get a fine boost if you drink guarana. It prevents lactic acid build-up and soreness of muscles. So your muscles feel the kick as you feel all pepped up physically.

More Mental Focus

The goodness of the guarana drink also lies in that it enhances mental focus through improved blood circulation and longer mindfulness.

Antioxidant and Anti-microbial

The guarana fruit contains catechin, which is an oxidative stress-reliever. So, guarana benefits you to keep diseases like cancer and diabetes at bay. It also helps prevent cardiovascular illnesses and has anti-inflammatory properties in it. And not just an antioxidant, the antimicrobial contents of the guarana fruit act as a natural antibiotic too.

Other Guarana Benefits

Apart from the above, the guarana is famed to be packed with more goodness and health, such as:

  • natural analgesic
  • relieves bone and muscle pain
  • natural aphrodisiac / libido stimulator
  • improves digestion
  • acts as anti-depressant, etc.

The list isn’t perhaps exhaustive as studies keep discovering many new guarana benefits every day. So unless you try it for yourself, you’ll never really know what magic those tiny guarana fruits can unleash. Be it the guarana powder added to your smoothie or a cup of tea or coffee, you got to taste it to believe it. So why not start with the organic acai and guarana at Nectar Fruits?