Acai bowls are very profitable especially in tropical climate such as Hawaii, Brazil and even here Australia. But if you’re in this business, you know how competitive it is. Every café probably sells acai bowl. So how do you deal with competition? You have to STAND OUT.

Here are 5 tips to help you market your acai bowls:

1. Use Instagram – Everyone is on Instagram! The age demographic for those who loves acai bowls are 18 to 34. These people are on Instagram. Acai bowls are very “instagrammable” and eye catching and pretty that those people who would see it would want to take a pretty picture for their Instagram as well. Imagine how many potential customer it will reach! Try it yourself, search the #acaibowl on Instagram – you will see there are 1,326,004 who used that #hashtag.

Take this advantage of this opportunity. Post your Acai bowl creation constantly and don’t forget to share to your stories as well. You can also put up a sign in your café to encourage the use of hashtag. For example: “Tag us in your photos! Use #nectarfruits”. Running Instagram contest is also a fun way of engaging with your customers.

The more engagement you get the, the better visibility for your brand.

2. Advertise your acai bowls as healthy food – We already know that Acai bowls are healthy. Especially the organic unsweetened ones like what we provide here at Nectar Fruits. Capitalize on it, most customers are willing to pay more for healthier foods. Adding the word “healthy” on your menu can do wonders for your business.

Make it public and announce that you are using only organic berries. People tend to support that.

You can also reach out and seek partnership with your local gym and offer a discount for gym goers. People who work out tend to eat healthy.

3. Reach out to influencers – seeking out influencers and bloggers even vloggers with a solid social media following is a great way to promote your brand and is a powerful alternative to traditional advertising. Consumers feel more connected and trusting of influencers. If you find someone whose values lines up with yours and the kind of audience you attract, reaching out could work in your favor and theirs too!

4. Use referrals to gain new customers – Customer referrals are efficient and easy. Here are few referral marketing ideas:

  • Existing customers can redeem 1 Acai bowl if they bring along a friend.
  • Offer a discount for existing customer if they bring along a friend. Provide a bigger discount if they bring two!
  • Provide a discount when they share a picture of the smoothie bowl to their Instagram.

5. Reward your customer with a loyalty card – This is probably the best marketing idea. It is a cost effective way to win your customer’s trust and retain them. A loyalty points-based system where customers earn a certain number of points is the easiest to track. Example: A free Acai bowl for every 9 bowls purchased or a free bowl on their birthday.

I hope you find this helpful. Comment below if you have other marketing ideas!