Touted as one of the superfoods across the globe, the dark purple acai berries hailing from the Brazilian rain forests are often a breakfast favourite for the several acai benefits they hold. Not only are these super berries rich in essential nutrients , they also taste awesome with other fruits and nuts in a mixed bowl breakfast. But do you know how to make the perfect acai berry bowl? Have you ever created one yourself? Or did you check out any of the Nectar Fruits acai recipes yet? Well, in any case, it’s good to grab some quick acai tips if you ever plan to make your own bowl of acai. So, here you go…

Tip #1: Choose your acai right

There are many acai berry suppliers and sellers in Australia. However, all of their acai blocks or packs do not taste the same or have the same amount of acai percentage in them. The acai import business is marked with many varieties and qualities of acai. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check the product information or ask your acai berry suppliers in Australia or elsewhere about the acai content in their acai blocks to get the most of acai benefits. Nectar Fruits recommends you choose:

  • acai pure over the acai powder,
  • organic acai over non-organic,
  • acai blocks with more acai solids in them and
  • unsweetened acai always.

Tip #2: Get the texture right

Now, one important thing to handle while making your acai bowl is the amount of water you put in your mixture. Remember, more water would make for a smoothie-like blend, which is not what you really need in an acai bowl. A perfect acai bowl texture is one that’s not too thick or too loose on a spoon. So, we recommend you add water incrementally and check the texture before you add more.

Tip #3: Go for lesser fellow ingredients

To retain that perfect flavour in your acai bowl, it’s best not to adulterate it with too many ingredients. So, for every pack of frozen acai pure, add half banana or not more than 1 frozen banana to your mix. If you still want more, you may add a handful of berries and a cup of coconut/almond/soy milk. To add tad sweetness, you may add 1 tsp of honey or maple syrup and nothing else.

Tip #4: Balance the toppings well

You can get crafty with your acai bowl toppings, but we, at Nectar Fruits, suggest you keep it deliciously simple with plain (gluten-free) granola or some berries and maybe a spoon of organic whipping cream. Do not go overboard with your toppings and spike the calorie content. Balance the acai benefits in your bowl with toppings like crunchy cacao nibs, toasted almonds, coconut flakes or chia seeds.

Tip #5: Put your heart into your bowl

Everything tastes great when made with love. So our final advice to making an amazing acai bowl is that you prepare your acai bowl with all your heart and you can’t really go wrong there!

Next, sit back and enjoy 🙂