With the love for acai growing the world over, it is no secret anymore that many wannabe restaurateurs and cafe owners would pin their hopes on this healthy and tasty super berry from the soils of Brazil. The acai berries particularly make refreshing bowls when teamed up with other fruits and nuts and mixed with milk and honey. However, cafes and businesses keep experimenting with the ingredients to go in the acai bowl and therefore, acai bowl recipes are many and still evolving every day. Now, if you are one of those in love with the acai berry bowls, why not start an acai bowl business yourself to give your love the best expression?

Here are six tips to help you start an acai bowl business in Australia or elsewhere:

Be passionate: The first thing you need in your business is passion. Unless you have oodles of it, don’t start. From finding the best wholesale fruit suppliers to serving that hard to resist acai bowl, all you need is the zeal to put in your best. You do not need a perfect plan; if you are genuinely passionate about acai and the ways to serve it, your business will fly.

Prioritize quality: The next important thing to ensure in your acai bowl business is the quality of acai. Get the organic frozen berries in bulk from trusted wholesale fruit suppliers who would give you the best quality imported acai or the organic frozen acai (unsweetened). If you are still wondering where to buy acai in their best form and texture, Nectar Fruits can help anytime.

Craft the content well: Once your quality is settled and you have the thick and creamy textured acai, get creative with the add-ons and toppings. Bananas go well with the organic frozen acai berries and so do blueberries, strawberries and other berries. For the toppings, you can choose mangoes, roasted almonds, chia seeds, cacao nibs, almond butter, coconut and many more. Get creative with the content and experiment with the taste buds. Customers love newness in acai bowls.

Be transparent: Customers are often frustrated with misleading food marketing and lack of transparency in product information. So, be transparent with your process and products to earn credibility fast and beat competition. Keep your marketing smart and honest.

Offer all that is healthy: There are many wholesale frozen fruit suppliers in Australia, but at Nectar Fruits, we import one of the finest and purest berries from Brazil to fulfil the demands of our patrons who do not wish to compromise on quality. Your business will do wonders if you offer only the healthiest acai bowls made with pure acai, homemade soy or nut milk and almond butter, etc. Avoid fruit juices and artificial sweeteners.

Estimate ahead: It’s always a good idea to plan the inventory and recipes ahead to avoid pitfalls in a running business. Measure ingredients to go in a bowl, time to make it and calculate the inventory and labour costs in detail so that you are in better control. Test the recipes ahead as well.

With these six basic areas managed, you are good to go with your acai bowl business. Happy selling!