Those tiny grape-shaped dark purple berries, hailing from the Brazilian rain forests, have come to be celebrated as a ‘superfood‘ due to its exceptional nutritional value, much like the Noni or Goji berries of the fruit family. These Brazilian berries, called the Acai berry, have caught popular fancy so much so that acai berry suppliers are not just limited to Brazilian soils these days; acai import is a major economic activity the world over, as also in Australia.

Popular Acai Opinions

The acai in Australia is sold under many labels, one of the most popular being the petruz açaí, although there are several other good options. We, at Nectar Fruits, are particularly passionate about these wonder berries and recommend our organic acai (petruz or other acai) to our ardent patrons. The same passion drives us to help you get the facts and myths right about this international craze — the acai berry.

So, what all do acai consumers say or what do the acai berry suppliers and sellers advertise about the acai and the acai benefits?

Many say that the acai…

  • is packed with antioxidants,
  • helps to reduce weight,
  • provides a lot of energy, strength and stamina
  • improves muscle performance,
  • keeps the heart healthy,
  • facilitates digestion, etc.

Facts versus Myths

Our readings, experiences and interactions with consumers and nutrition experts confirm most of the acai benefits, except that acai directly aids in weight loss. There is no tested correlation between acai and weight loss, although Nectar Fruits believes that a better digestive performance means better metabolism, which eventually may help in weight loss. In fact, more than acai, the guarana from Brazil are more effective in weight loss. Even then, the acai in Australia or elsewhere are often marketed with the ‘weight loss’ propaganda.

You may or may not lose weight with regular acai consumption, but you may sure achieve many of the other acai benefits that lead to a healthier body. Acai contains high concentrations of anthocyanin, the antioxidant. Such antioxidants act as super-powers in our body by helping to fight the harmful substances or the free radicals, thus forming a natural guard from diseases, cell decay and ageing. They also keep the cholesterols low and so, the blood pressure is controlled too. The amino acids in this super-fruit are good for our muscles. Therefore, people into sports and fitness are drawn to the acai and they have also acknowledged that acai gives their energies a great boost. If you have digestive issues, the fibre-content in acai can help you well as well. This Brazilian superfood, the acai, also contains high amounts of essential fatty acids, essential vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, C, E) and calcium, magnesium, copper and zinc. And these facts validate why acai import is worth all the effort. No wonder that the established acai benefits outweigh any existing myths on weight loss whatsoever. In any case, it’s worth going for this wonder berry!