Unless you are one of those blessed individuals who can naturally remain in shape, without having to worry about munching on your favourite burger or grabbing that glass of cola, you definitely have thought about losing weight at some point in your life. More so, if you are living in Australia, because obesity is one of the country’s leading health hazards, costing millions to the nation. It is these obese or tend-to-be-obese people who become easy targets for marketers to sell anything in the name of a ‘weight loss’ advantage. The acai berry for weight loss is one such item.

Acai Claim to Fame: More Hype than Fact

It is undeniable that these dark purple, super-nutritious acai berries have incredible health benefits that has turned it into a global sensation and earned it the prestigious claim of being one of the ‘healthiest foods on the planet’. But it is also true that the acai benefits bring with it its share of hype and associated myths. The weight loss claim is probably one of the most circulated myths around acai in Australia and everywhere else.

There is no tested evidence or research which indicates that consuming acai leads to weight loss. Although it is official that there are some amazing acai benefits like low cholesterol, healthy heart and muscles, elevated energy and strength, and improved digestion, the connection of acai berries to weight loss isn’t an established one yet. Be it the petruz açaí or any other organic acai product, acai berries are not directly related to weight loss. Many acai import companies and acai berry suppliers in and out of Australia advertise acai as related to weight loss; but the truth is: the acai and weight loss connection is not grounded on scientific findings. No dietitian or nutrition expert has, so far, confirmed such a connection, except that the high-fibre content in acai improves metabolism and thus keeps the colon clean. This may, in turn, lead to weight loss. One must also remember that losing weight isn’t a miracle to be achieved just by consuming a few berries – it must always be a combination of the right foods and the right amount of exercise.

All’s Not Lost: Base to Acai Weight Loss Hype

Acai berries are packed with many good nutrients — amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and a whole lot of anthocyanins (those friendly antioxidants fighting the free radicals and improving health). High concentration of antioxidants prevents cell damage and enhances the overall health. Thus the body remains active and may burn more calories. Also, the amino acids present in acai berries provide essential nutrients for bodybuilding, strength, energy and weight loss. This is the only indirect connection of acai berries to weight loss as they contain amino acids.

However, we, at Nectar Fruits, recommend you to focus more on the other acai benefits instead of looking for acai berry suppliers only to lose weight. If you are keen on weight loss, try a combination of balanced diet and a regular fitness regime, whether you have acai or not.