Are you one of those who find it hard to resist sweet cravings? Or maybe you are one who often gives those sweet indulgences a miss because you care too much about your health? In either case, here’s the good news for you: this cherry banana acai ice cream recipe is naturally sweet to satiate your sweet tooth and it is also packed with the many acai benefits. So this, maybe, is just the right thing to bring a smile to your lips as it is both yummy and healthy. We, at Nectar Fruits, swear by this acai dessert because it is easy to make and great to eat. Just get your acai blocks or frozen acai packs from any acai supplier near you and get going!

Cherry Banana Acai Ice Cream


  • Frozen bananas – 3 pcs
  • Acai puree – 2 cups (frozen)

[Note: Try our Nectar Fruits acai berry pure if you prefer organic stuff more than any other readily available acai blocks]

  • Cherries – 2 cups (frozen)

[Quick Tip: The above portions will yield about 4 cups of cherry banana acai ice cream. If you want to serve more, increase the quantity of ingredients accordingly.]


  • You can serve this acai ice cream without any toppings.
  • But in case you are fond of dolling up your bowl or cone of cherry banana acai ice cream to stun your family or guests, you may add nuts or very small banana slices on top of the scoops.
  • You may even add just a cherry on top.


  • Put all your ingredients into your blender and whizz on high until you have a smooth creamy mix.
  • Pour the blend on a glass dish or pan and refrigerate for 2-3 hours. This will give your cherry banana acai ice cream a firm texture.
  • Take out of your freezer after few hours, scoop out, add toppings (optional) and serve.

Yes, it is that simple and easy. The bananas and cherries add natural sweetness to your ice cream, so you do not need to worry about adding sugar. And the acai benefits are all retained at their best too. Just remember to select the better quality acai blocks from the right acai berry suppliers in Australia, be it petruz açaí or any other acai import variety. The rest is only three simple steps away. So once you are ready with your royal deep purple scoops, it is plain bliss hereafter!