Reducing stress is among the goals most working people and even their organizations aim for these days. Companies are now putting up relaxation lounges for employees. Others are offering incentives to help their team members get the break they need.

Because of the demand to keep stress at bay among people, a lot of e-books and self-help videos are now offering ways to reduce stress wherever you are. There are even phone applications including meditation apps, 3-minute workout videos, and anti-stress audios accessible to those who need to keep their stress levels manageable.

To take time off, some people would choose to run around the block or do some stretches on their mat while doing deep breathing. Some would go to the beach and order an acai bowl . While others, would just lounge in front of their TV sets and play their favorite TV series.

Aside from these activities, reading is a proven way to reduce stress. It might not be among the most popular forms of relieving stress, but here are the three ways on how your favorite book can do tricks to calm you.

1. Reading decreases blood pressure

A decade ago, researchers have already compared the effect of reading intervention and a 30-minute yoga session. According to the study, both yoga and reading are seen to reduce the stress on the Daily Stress Inventory of graduate students who are studying physical therapy. In 2000, a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology also found out that both basic mental and verbal activities can affect a person’s heart rate.

2. Silent reading benefits mood

Reading does not only help keep one’s cardiovascular system healthy, but it also improves a person’s mood. For instance, a study in 2001 found out that students who frequently read manifest improvement in their attitude and emotional development. Aside from relaxation, the benefits of sustained silent reading, according to this study, include better performance in school and better work habits.

3. Reading is a form of time-out

When you feel your stress levels are spiking up, reading a book is a good way to get a healthy distraction. Reading could take you to a different setting. It could be another era or world. Of course, different books and stories would yield different emotions among the readers, that’s why it is best to choose a book with stories that could inspire you or cheer you up.

Add a banana or an acai smoothie to complete your reading routine.
Since we are all different, there is no standard way for people to manage their stress levels. Exercise might be appealing for some, but not to others who would take a long time to recover from a workout.

If you are looking for other ways to manage your stress levels, try grabbing a book and notice its benefits in such a short time. Scrolling and reading comments on your social media feeds do not count. The key element is a devoted time for reading routine with more serious contents that will engage your attention longer.

Effective stress management is a proven win-win solution, not only in offices, but also in schools and homes. Lower stress levels help boost productivity and keep people in a more positive mood.