There are so many things to do other than focus our energy on staying fit. But deep inside of you, you want to do it, you want to juggle fitness and work and kids and relationships. You want to stay fit because you know how good it feels to be fit. But then you ask yourself, do you really have the time to exercise and prepare healthy food when you have a million other things to do on any given day?

Well, yes you can do it. Everyone is as busy as you are and they are able to find time for fitness. It all comes down to priorities! Adding health and fitness as your priority helps make everything else a bit easier. How?

When you exercise, you feel better, you focus better, you have more energy – so when you’re working, you are able to accomplish a task faster. When you eat better, you have boundless energy to take on the day – you don’t get the groggy feeling when you eat unhealthy food.

Here are tips to stay fit on a busy schedule:

1. Plan Ahead – Before the week even begin, sit down and write down you’re schedule. When you visualize what needs to be done, it is easier to get things done.  Schedule your workout – do you only have time to do it in the afternoon? Write it down (just like you would for any appointment) When it is your calendar, you’re more likely to do it.

2. Meal Prep – Preparing meals and snacks on a weekend for the week will save you hours. You don’t have to be fancy, simple food prep helps. Cutting up fruits for your smoothies, or chopping the red pepper and onions to toss in your salad helps tremendously when you are short on time as these few little steps can take up so much. It’s also a good idea to portion out bags of nuts and seeds so that you always have healthy snacks to reach for when you get peckish. You can even bag your smoothie ingredients so that all you have to do is toss them in a blender. Smoothies are the perfect go to quick meals, you can even take it with you. You can even add a pack of Acerola Pulp in your smoothie to a boost of vitamins A and C to increase you energy levels.

3. Keep it quick – Consistency is key when it comes to staying fit. You don’t have to workout for an hour when you don’t have an hour. You don’t have to go to the gym. A lot can be achieved in 15-20 minutes! If you can fit 20 minutes 4 times week for some fitness moves, then that’s awesome! High-Intensity Interval Training and Circuit Training are good for exercises to feel the burn and save time. Have you tried Yoga? Stretching those muscles is always a great way to start the day. You can even use your commute to squeeze in that exercise, is it possible to walk to work? Or bike? As long as you move your body a little more each day then you’re on the path to a fit lifestyle.

4. Become a weekend warrior – Unless you really want to lay in bed all weekend or socialize, there’s always an opportunity to make up for lost time. It is your chance to hit the gym for an hour. A bigger workout over the weekend will send you into the week with positive vibes. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a gym workout, you can go on a longer bike rides when the weather is great. Head to beach and swim. It is not only good for your body, it is also good for your soul.

5. Rest – Counterproductive? Being tired increases stress levels and is linked to bad decisions when it comes to eating healthy. Rest when you have to. We don’t have to be on the go all the time. Do your absolute best to stick to a bedtime schedule. You will not only improve your decision-making but you will improve your overall health.