Breakfast – the most important meal of the day, as we’re often told. Eat like a king they say. And now with social media, there are so many delicious looking breakfast recipes that are easy to follow and these recipes are often very visually appealing especially those acai bowls or smoothie bowls. As pretty as they look, have you thought about what an acai bowl is made up of?

Acai bowls are essentially healthy, low calorie super food. But what you put on top of it can easily make you gain weight. You see a ton of Acai bowls on Instagram topped with a lot of fruits, peanut butter, sugar syrups and even drizzled with caramel or chocolate. Sounds like dessert eh? Don’t get me wrong, fruits are good for you, even peanut butter is good for you. But, is the peanut butter loaded with sugar? How about that sugar syrup? Is it necessary? When you add up all the calories together, you’d be surprised you just consumed unnecessary amount of calories on breakfast alone.

How do you enjoy a smoothie bowl without worrying about it making you gain weight?

1. Make them yourself – Creating a bowl at home is very easy. This way, you can control what and how much of each ingredient goes into it. Single puree packets are available so that you can make that perfectly size bowl.

2. Watch your toppings – Granola or nuts are delicious, but they are also high in calories, make sure that the granola you buy at the health food store doesn’t have a ton of hidden sugars and oils. It’s best to make them yourself.

3. Go easy on sugar – Get your sweeteners from fruits! Make sure your bananas are ripe and spotty to experience that amazing sweetness. Skip the maple syrups! It’s not necessary.

4. Load up on healthy fats and protein – Add chia seeds, or sugar free peanut butter to your acai bowl to stabilize your blood sugar levels and it helps with making you fuller longer so that you don’t go for that “post breakfast” breakfast.

It’s important to note that it’s not all about weight loss but rather being healthy. Weight loss is a journey that’s unique to every person. What works for you might not work for everyone else. Treat yourself with kindness and love and everything else will follow.