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with a love of home

Our company founder and director Rubem Fontenele, grew up in the Amazon region of Brazil. As a child he has fond memories of enjoying picking and eating acai and other exotic fruits from his fathers farm.

When he moved to Australia, he fell in love with the people, surf and sand but he missed the flavours of home. Being a local and having family members in the Acai business in Brazil, it allowed Rubem to be able to source the best quality product that is available in the world.

Rubem travels home to the Amazon regularly and to ensure that he only brings to Australia the best quality acai in the world. Speaking the Native language and English has allowed Rubem to have opportunities to go to the heart of the Amazon where Acai is harvested and to develop relationships with the people who are at the heart of the river system. Being his home, Rubem is passionate about supporting sustaiabilty, authentic naturally harvested acai and preserving the Amazon forest.

The name ‘Nectar’ was chosen because the company believes that the Amazon forest in Brazil provides the worlds Nectar in their fruits, particularly the acai berry.

Rubem with acai packs


protecting the Amazon rainforest


Our açaí berries are wild harvested in the Amazon using techniques that preserve the rain forest. The berries are then quickly transported to the factory, cleaned and processed into a pulp.

After processing is complete the pulp is pasteurised to eliminate all chances of contamination. Our QA control guarantees that our product is cleanest and healthiest in the world. We assure our quality by analysing each batch very carefully to guarantee our quality standard. Once this is done our pulp is frozen straight away to lock in all the nutrients and goodness.

We supply our açaí frozen in handy portion controlled 100 gram pouches, which are ideal serving sizes to make açaí bowls and smoothies. For sorbet and gelato manufacturers we can supply tubs and drums. Or if you are a franchise we can also supply private label product in large quantities.



We supply some other amazing exotic fruit pulps from the Amazon that also are fantastic for smoothies, smoothie bowls and juices. These fruits are very popular in Brazil, however they are new to the Australian market and not as widely known as açaí.



Acerola is a delicious little Brazilian cherry that tastes sweet and tart all at the same time. Acerola is has many healthy benefits including having 35x more vitamin C than that of an orange.


Pink pitaya otherwise known as dragon fruit is fast becoming popular in smoothies and smoothie bowls. The colour that the fruit provides is amazing and our pitaya tastes amazing too.


Gauva from the Amazon region are very large, juicy and delicious. In Brazil there is not much that this fruit is not used for, in-fact it is a every day staple there. Gauva is gorgeous in smoothies, juices and smoothie bowls.