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CUPUACU -Box contains 60 x 100g sachets

CUPUACU -Box contains 60 x 100g sachets


100% Organic cupuaçu pulp, gluten and lactose free.

For nutritious and delicious preparations and vitaminic drinks. Packaged, frozen and pasteurized product. Cupuaçu is known in Brazil as “the fruit of the gods” for its extraordinary nutritional properties. Its high content of vitamins, fatty acids and energizing and stimulating action will give you the boost you need to deal with the challenges of everyday.

“What is Cupuaçu?”
Scientific name: Theobroma grandiflorum
Origin: Amazon rainforest

The flesh has numerous vitamins (B1, B2, C), proteins, fatty acids, potassium, magnesium and iron. It also has energizing properties like coffee, but does not have the side effects of caffeine.

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Integral cupuaçu pulp.

Natural product free of preservatives or chemical dyes. Gluten-free.

Suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Benefits for your health:

Vitamin C Antioxidant. Protect the body against the action of free radicals, delaying aging.
Vitamin B2 Helps DNA repair when duplicated, indispensable for pregnant women. Protects against cardiovascular diseases.
Vitamin B1 Benefits the eyes, skin and hair and helps in the functioning of the nervous system.
Manganese Collaborates in the formation of cartilage and bones.


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