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+ beets and acai

Beet and Date Acai Breakfast Bowl

A beet in your breakfast? Really? Well, before you cringe at the thought of it,...Read More
July 30, 2018
+ Acai bowl

5 Tips for Creating An Acai Bowl

Touted as one of the superfoods across the globe, the dark purple acai berries hailing...Read More
July 16, 2018

Cherry Banana Acai Ice Cream

Are you one of those who find it hard to resist sweet cravings? Or maybe...Read More
July 9, 2018
+ Very Berry Acai

Very Berry Vegan Acai Bowl

Think of Brazil and you can’t miss its rain forest, the Amazon. Now this Amazon’s...Read More
June 20, 2018
+ Coconut bowl full of fruits and acai

Kiwi Coconut Acai Bowl

This acai bowl is fresh and tangy, it also looks beautiful! Your friends and customers...Read More
June 6, 2017
+ Acai Passion Fruit Bomb

Passion & Acai Bomb

Acai tastes incredible with other tropical fruits either blended through the base or used as...Read More
June 6, 2017
+ Acai Banana Ice pops

Acai & Mango Ice Blocks

Summer is here! There is no yummier way to beat the heat than with these...Read More
June 6, 2017
+ Berry nana acai bowl

Berry Nana Acai Bowl

Berries and banana’s are amazing additions to your acai bowl. Frozen mixed berries can be...Read More
June 6, 2017