Have you ever caught yourself saying you wish you had more energy? We are always so busy and on the go and we regularly find ourselves exhausted and drained often at the worst possible times when we just want to get things done.

There are several reasons as to why you feel depleted. It may just be constant lack of sleep or work-stress related or it may be as complex as living with chronic condition such as chronic fatigue syndrome.
Although chronic conditions may be difficult to deal with, there’s good news! Studies show that with healthy diet and lifestyle can significantly bring a person back to health with boundless energy.

Let’s take a look at ways you can change your lifestyle and boost your energy levels naturally.

SLEEP, a good deep SLEEP!

I know this is easier said than done. People say you need a full 8 hours of sleep but do you really need 8 hours of sleep? No, some of us can get away with 7 hours of sleep and others need 9 hours of sleep. What’s important is the quality of your sleep. When you feel refreshed when you wake up even after 6 hours of sleep, then you’ve had a good night’s sleep. It is important that you make sleep a priority so that you can create habits and rituals to achieve a good night’s rest.

Remove foods that causes inflammation

Pasta, breads or any refined carbohydrates will give you a jolt of energy but can cause spike in your blood sugar which will then plunge and make you feel weak and fatigued. Watch out foods like dairy, wheat/gluten, food loaded with oil, processed meat, artificial sweeteners and anything that’s processed. Try it for a few days and you’ll see the improvement in your energy levels right away. That doesn’t mean you’ll never eat pasta again, just opt for a healthier version such as gluten free pasta made out of peas or beans.


Lack of water can leads to dehydration and dehydration causes weakness and fatigue. How to tell if you lack water? Your urine should be clear or pale yellow. You may need to drink more water if you exercise and live on a warmer climate but generally aim for 8 glasses of water a day. There are apps that can help you keep track of water intake.


Any form of exercise that gets your heart rate up and blood flowing is going to increase your energy level. The more you do it, the more it strengthens your heart and give you stamina. It will also improve your sleep which will give more energy and also improves our mental focus.

SUPERFOOD that will boost your energy

Taking Superfood such as Organic Acai Berry Guarana during the day will nourish your body with high levels of energy-promoting vitamins and nutrients. It is quick and easy when you need that healthy jolt of energy.