Perhaps one of nature’s richest expressions in colour resides in the ravishing pinkness of the delicious fruit pink pitaya. Native to Central America, this fruit is also grown in some south-east Asian regions like Vietnam and Thailand. Commonly known as the dragon fruit, the pitaya is worthy of wholesale anywhere in the world for the health benefits it holds. Although there are a few colour varieties in the fruit, the pink pitaya is, by far, one of the most popular variations that are all the rage now in cafes and restaurants across Australia. The fruit also owes its worldwide craze to the hot pink colour that the pink pitaya pulp renders in pitaya bowls and smoothies.

Look and feel

Now if you are only going for the organic frozen berries or the ready pitaya packs, you will miss out on the unusual looks of the dragon fruit, which is worth seeing. Belonging to the cactus family, the pitaya fruit resembles a pineapple with spikes and has either a pink, red or yellow soft outer cover. The main edible part is the fleshy interior that is either white or red. The flesh is textured with several tiny black seeds that are edible as well. The scale-like leaves on the outer skin of the pitaya fruit gives it an explosive look. On the taste-buds, it is mildly sweet and a bit crunchy. Some say that the taste of a pitaya fruit is a mix of the kiwi and pear.

Goodness elements

Just as the acai berries and most of the other organic berries, the pink pitaya has a cauldron of health benefits too. Be it the frozen pitaya packs or the raw pitaya pulp, the goodness increases closer to its natural form. That is one reason why we, at Nectar Fruits, recommend our pitaya products to our valued patrons. We keep the pink pitaya as less processed as possible.

These dragon fruits are stuffed with helpful antioxidants, carotene, vitamin C, good fatty acids, proteins, omega 3, fibres and the amazing B-vitamins (b1, b2, b3) that improve overall health and metabolism. The pink pitaya also contains calcium to keep our bones strong and phosphorus to promote cell and tissue repair and growth. The phytochemical captin present in it can protect us from heart ailments. Some other benefits of the pink pitaya include lowered prostate cancer risks, cardiovascular risks, respiratory risks, and improved immune systems, digestive systems, cell recoveries, etc. No wonder then that the pink pitaya has come to join the list of super foods.

Nutritional value

A bowl of exotic pink pitaya contains about 60 calories in every 100 gms serving and 1 gm of fibre per serving. It also contains 9 gms carbohydrates in every serving.

The pink pitaya bowls are already giving the acai bowls a run for their money for all the goodness these gorgeous fruits contain. So if you are looking for pink pitaya wholesale, look no further. Nectar Fruits offers one of the best pink pitaya products in Australia.