Trends come and trends go, but the love for food never fades, no matter how big or small an eater you are! In fact, you do not really have to be a foodie to be curious about food trends; the subject interests restaurateurs, chefs, food manufacturers, kitchen addicts, food bloggers or even that next-door neighbor lapping up cook shows on the television set. Knowing about food trends is fun and stimulating — be it those vegan acai bowls, the lavender lattes, pink pitaya smoothies or even the concept food restaurants and artisan butcher shops-cum-restaurants! We, at Nectar Fruits, are particularly excited to share the top food trends of 2018 with you. So read on…

Trend 1: Animals out, plants in

Yes, 2018 is all about veggies and plants on your plate. Not just Australia, consumers are increasingly choosing plant-based products over meat-based. The steaming steaks and the lip-smacking seafood are giving way to those cauliflowers, spinach and broccoli more now than ever. In the same wave, fruits have entered the centre-stage of the food market and are enjoying all the attention. So, if you’re looking to stock up on super fruits like acai, gauva, acerola or pitaya, don’t forget to reach out to Nectar Fruits, one of Australia’s finest frozen fruit suppliers.

Trend 2: Concept restaurants

They say, innovation is at the heart of any business success. This has once again proved true in the food industry with concept restaurants making headlines. Varieties in menu are fast becoming a thing of the past. Today, restaurants sell concepts: only egg-based dishes or various kinds of avocado-based dishes or just products with health benefits like the organic acai bowls and guarana smoothie. There’s also those suave butcher shops-cum-restaurants wooing meat-lovers with their new concept of crafting the cut of your choice right before customers.

Trend 3: Zero waste cooking

Being responsible is being environmentally conscious and thus, reducing waste. Be it paper, plastic or food, wasting is not sustainable. Therefore, a trend of zero waste cooking is fast catching on. People have started eating parts of food that they discarded earlier. Chefs are also picking up the root-to-stem cooking style where most parts of the fruit or vegetable are used. So, welcome beet greens, carrot tops and the chard!

Trend 4: Global cuisine, more experimentation

2018 sees a growing interest in global cuisine, especially the spice-heavy Indian flavours and dishes from Philippines, Morocco and Israel. Many food enthusiasts are trying international cuisine and falling in love with them. Dishes from Japan are yet another popular trend that seem to hold good potential this year and the next.

Trend 5: All-day breakfast

Interestingly, the convention of strict meal times and meal types are waning. People are often happy grabbing a big acai bowl somewhere between breakfast and lunch hours or gladly grubbing fried chicken wings in their first mean of the day. As the trend looks, it’s an all-day breakfast or ‘brunchfast’ menu ruling the restaurants.