Ever heard of Rob Machado, the Australia-born pro surfer and the US Open Champion? Or of Carlos Burle, the Brazilian surfer well-known for his skills on the giant waves? If you love surfing, chances are that you have heard of both. And if not, you would still be amused to know what these men have in common. It’s their love for acai, the purple-hued, nutritious berries of the Amazon rainforests. Coincidence? Well, not really. Acai berries and the vegan acai bowl made with it are often a surfer’s favourite, be it in Brazil, Australia or the US. And here’s why…

Pro Speak

Ask any surfing pro, known or unknown, about the acai bowl and you would know how much they love this fruit acai and the various bowls made with it. They say it gives them energy, helps them focus, makes them feel healthy through the day, gives them strength and power and it also fills them up with a lot of good nutrients. These surfers know that acai contains plant-based omega fat, antioxidants, flavonoids, fibers, amino acids and more, all of which keep the body clean and fit. So, after an adventurous surf, acai bowl is just the thing they need.

One of our patrons and a regular in the Hawaiian surf circuit told us that he would have acai everyday, but did not really know where to buy good acai when in Australia, until he found Nectar Fruits. Another of our clients, who is a surfing enthusiast, told us that organic frozen acai bowls help her concentrate well during the sport. Inspired by these pros, we passionately wholesale one of the best acai in Australia, apart from other fruits.

Be Wise, Be Acai-Ready

The acai bowl craze has travelled well beyond Brazil, to different parts of the world and is here to stay. It’s health benefits, often assured by surfers and athletes, have given this fruit acai a wholesale prospect to many beach cafe owners and restaurateurs, who need to stock up on acai to meet the growing demand of the surfers visiting their joints. For this reason, we at Nectar Fruits, not just retail, but also wholesale this organic frozen fruit to our valued clients and help spread the love. And since surfers are so fond of the acai bowls through the day, they keep wondering where to buy acai in the best quality and price. If a place offers organic frozen acai bowls at a ‘hard to resist’ wholesale price, surfers are sure to make a bee line for it there. So, if you are a cafe owner, wisdom lies in being acai-ready at wholesale deals so that you can offer this deliciously organic frozen fruit acai at best rates to the surfers dropping by. And you do not have to look far either for getting the best in acai — we at Nectar Fruits are not just wholesale fruits suppliers, we are also one of the best acai berry suppliers in Australia, sourcing directly from the berry’s native land, Brazil.