Few more weeks and we’ll be saying hello to the year 2020! Chances are, most people are already preparing their new year’s resolutions for next year, just like how they did last year. And yet, once again.. on new year’s eve, they get hammered with alcohol and so hangover the next day that they are already failing the very first day of the new year. Don’t forget the unhealthy leftovers in the fridge which probably will last a couple more days. There’s nothing wrong with that, you can always start on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th day right? That’s why new years resolutions almost, always don’t work.

It is quite challenging to get the exact figure of the success rate of new year’s resolution keepers, but there are also reports that not more than 10 percent of people who listed down their commitments for their resolutions were successful. What could be the reason for this?

People write all these resolutions down and get so overwhelmed they don’t even know where to begin. Experts say that people who have new year’s resolutions fail by February. Why? Because, people don’t really plan how to actually commit to it. They just wrote down the goal, not the steps to get to the goal. Example, people will write down 1. lose weight in 2020. But what does it take to lose weight? There’s plenty of factors.

We suggest to write down the goal along with the steps to get to the goal. So let’s take the losing weight goal – Write down the steps: 1. Sign up to a gym class, go to the gym 3x a week, go on a walk everyday. 2. Eat intuitively and choose healthier options, opt for healthy breakfast such as smoothie bowls and acai bowls instead of croissants, plan meal ideas. See, it is so much easier to follow than just vaguely writing down lose weight.

Another problem with new years resolution is when people fail to stick to the plan, they get frustrated and guilty and find it hard to get back on track thinking that they don’t have the power to change their life, so why bother?
This is because of the all or nothing approach instead of taking it one day at a time. Remember, you are not perfect, there will be slip ups and moments of laziness and poor choices but that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you throw away all your efforts because of one tiny hiccup. Set your intentions for the new year and accept that you’re going to make mistakes. It is easier to get back on track when are prepared.

Should you stop making New Year’s resolutions?

The choice is still yours. However, the way to stick to your goals is to anchor yourself in the present moment. The choices you make now and the things you are doing now are the most important thing to be mindful of. Enjoy the ride. These are the small actions that you do every day and they are the key to achieving your ultimate goal of having a better version of yourself.

And you don’t have to do it on January 1st. Everyday is an opportunity to start.